Program Overview

The Outstanding Young Farmer Program is a unique recognition program through which the urban population and consumer recognizes the contributions, achievements, and successes of young farmers.

Why an Outstanding Young Farmer Program?

With agriculture as basic to our Canadian lifestyle as living itself, it is in the self-interest of all Canadians to understand and encourage farmers. The foundation of all industry growth is through youth, thus we believe it is imperative to the preservation of our lifestyle that we encourage the efforts of young people in agriculture. The program brings into the spotlight young men and women who have achieved success and leadership in the agriculture industry. The farmers selected as nominees act as positive role models for our youth, showing farming as an exciting, innovative, and respected profession.

It is further the aim of this program to develop among Canadians a growing awareness of the importance and impact of farming on the Canadian economy. Finally, this is the perfect opportunity for Canadians to say, “job well done”. So get involved and thank a young farming couple by giving them the recognition they deserve.

How the Program Works

The Outstanding Young Farmer Program begins each year with the nomination of farmers. Individuals, organizations and industry are encouraged to nominate successful farmers who meet the program criteria. Once you have notified us of your nomination, we will send your nominee a preliminary application. It is now the farmer’s responsibility to complete this form and return it to us by the deadline to be forwarded to our judges.

Our judges will review all of the preliminary applications and choose the finalists. The finalists will be asked to fill out a more detailed application and return it by the deadline to be judged. The judges are selected from diverse areas of agriculture: producer, supplier, financier and innovator to ensure balance and impartiality during the judging process.

The regional finalists will be invited to Abbotsford and be honoured at the annual BC Yukon Regional Event. At the lunch, one couple will be chosen to represent the BC Region at the annual National Event.

The vitality of the Program is maintained through the continued participation of alumni, who return each year to the National Recognition Event to honour and welcome new members.

Program History

The Outstanding Young Farmers Program originated in the United States in 1954. In 1979, the Calgary Jaycees, with the support of the Alberta/Northwest Territories Region Jaycees, proposed the introduction of a similar program to foster better urban-rural relations and recognize farmers’ achievements. The first Canadian national recognition event was held in November 1980 as an official program of the Canadian Junior Chamber/Jaycees.

Mission Statement

To discover, celebrate and recognize progress and excellence in Canadian agriculture.

Program Vision

To be the premiere awards program to identify excellence in Canadian agriculture.

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Board of Directors

Sara Harker – Chair

Kevin Klippenstien – Vice Chair

Steve Saccomano – Nominations Chair

Brian Pauls – Sponsorship Chair